Lucky Cat Pawn and Loan

Pawn Shop Owner: Chow Mai

Chow Mai’s Lucky Cat (also the Lucky 888) is said to be a triad front. Whether or not that can be confirmed, the Lucky Cat is a famous place to sell wares of questionable legality. Mai certainly has several Knight Errant officers on his payroll. The shop itself is heavily guarded with autoguns and plasteel barriers. Everyone entering the Lucky Cat submits to a Matrix Scan (whether they know it or not) as well as a metal scan when passing through the outer door. If weapons are detected the clerk, usually Carl Yi, activates the defensive measures and places a hand gently on the Ares Predator beneath the counter.

Lucky Cat also boasts its own Matrix Poker Machines as well as several other forms of gambling. Some say that a few nuyen will get you into a backroom where even more money is wagered and lost.

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Lucky Cat Pawn and Loan

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