Garcia Laserva

Chulo underboss of Carbonado


Never has a more violent and brutal underboss ruled over the downtown Carbonado area in the history of the gang. Laserva came up in CalFree, running BTLs and breaking skulls in L.A. When he was fifteen he was moved up to Seattle to run operations around Carbonado, which he’s been doing ever since. His sister, Domenia, married “Auntie” Nenetl’s younger brother (both humans, by the by) and they had a small litter of ork kids.

Laserva looks out for Domenia’s children when he can. He’s an older ork now, with silver hair and an eye blanked out from bad bioware back in the day. He has a cheap cyberarm installed where his left one was ripped off in a “construction accident” involving a bulldozer.

Garcia Laserva

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