Mentor Spirits

Carrefour always appears as a young man or a red-skinned demon. Theurges and other christians tend to syncretise him with Satan. His favored color is red, and he enjoys offerings of rum and gunpowder or explosives.

Advantages: +2 dice for illusion spells, +2 dice to Manipulation spells
Disadvantages: Carrefour’s bokor receive a -3 die social penalty when interacting with any other magician

Papa Legba
Papa Legba is the king of the Loa, and is said to speak with the soothing voice of power. However, no bokor or priest who has Papa Legba as a mentor may ever disguise his presence.

Advantages: -1 threshold on all cha tests
Disadvantages: Cannot hide your astral mark, it lasts three times as long and anyone attempting to read it can do so without effort

Baron La Croix
The cultured baron of the underworld, La Croix is a jokester who sees life as a grand joke; the most humorous of all. He is extremely well cultured, and encourages living for the diversions of drink, sex, and the other pleasures of life.

Advantages: +2 dice on all etiquette tests, +2 dice for spirits of man
Disadvantages: -2 dice on all addiction tests, -2 dice on any cha linked skill when death is looming

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