The Talis Palis

Talismongers Owner: Dan O’Brian

Pronounced something like “talace palace”, this garishly lit three story lodge on the Silver Lake’s edge. It has a huge Salish totem pole to one side (also done up in lights) and a spire of bone-like material on the other that Dan O’Brian (the Tir na nOg’ish owner) insists was brought at great expense from Tir Tairngire. He tells a great story about how it had to get chopped up to go over the border and snuck through customs.

The interior is designed like a hunting lodge, with a balcony, soaring peaked roof, and shelf upon shelf of the talismonger’s craft. While it caters to those magicians with an elvish speciality, there is no one dominant tradition here (though there’s a fair bit more Salish and Amerindian craft than any of the other minorities).

It’s an open secret that the Ancients frequent the Talis Palis and that a circle of hermetic magi from Tir Tairngire known as the Unbroken Cabal use it as a base of for their operations. Dan O’Brian himself is an Awakened mage of the hermetic tradition and hobnobs with them frequently.

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The Talis Palis

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