GridGuide: Highway 7 only
Danger Level: Pretty high
Local Gangers: The Chulos
Police Force: Knight Errant Substation 88

Spots in Loveland

The High Block Tenements (HD Stanton), Highway 7 Onramp and Garden St.
The Grinder, Downtown Loveland on 423rd Street and Wayne

Stuffer Shack, Garden and 443rd Street
Cap’n Beef, Garden St. and 439th Street (one block from the Highway 7 Onramp)

Postyshev’s, Outer Loveland, twenty minutes from Highway 7 where Garden St. crosses Stony Lake
The Pox House, Downtown Loveland, fifteen minutes from Highway 7
Fairfax Tattoos, Downtown Loveland, seven blocks from the Pox House
39th Street Chop Shop, Downtown Loveland, 39th Street and King’s Boulevard
Lucky Cat Pawn and Loan, Downtown Loveland, 41st Street and Salish Lane
The 42nd Street Garage, Downtown Loveland, 42nd Street and Salish Lane

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